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You Need to Visit the Most Magnificent St. Michaels Art Galleries & Museums

A region’s art speaks volumes to its history. You can learn a lot about a geographic area by examining the work of local artists. The subject, what the piece is about, and the medium, how it’s physically portrayed, gives visitors a window to the past. What were the struggles? What were the successes? What was their way of life like? Learn all of that and more at these St. Michaels art galleries! Our area’s art heavily focuses on maritime culture. See what you can discover at these art galleries below! 

Top 3 St. Michaels Art Galleries & Museums   

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum 

The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum is a popular spot to learn about the Eastern Shore’s culture. This St. Michaels, MD, museum is filled with artifacts that show the importance of our area’s maritime culture. Unlike traditional art galleries, this museum is filled with historic artifacts like the Floating Fleet and the 1878 Hooper Straight Lighthouse. The goal of the museum is to preserve the integrity of these artifacts, on land and sea, so that they can be used at learning tools for generations to come. 

You can also step back in time at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum with their permanent exhibits! These exhibits, like Oystering on the Chesapeake, emulate the life of working watermen of the past. Fine art takes the form of physical artifacts at this St. Michaels museum! 

St. Michaels Museum 

St. Michael’s Museum at St. Mary’s Square tells the complete story of our area’s history. Through the exhibits and guided walking tours, guests can imagine what life was like in St. Michaels as early as the 1800s. If you prefer, opt to take a self-guided walking tour. One of the museum’s buildings, The Teetotum, is the go-to place for St. Michaels fine art. This home, which has been used as a library, blacksmith shop, and everything in-between, now hosts a variety of pieces from past local artists. 

Academy Art Museum 

The Academy Art Museum is the premier St. Michaels art gallery. This gallery features fine art exhibits, annual events, as well as classes and workshops. This St. Michaels art gallery aims to garner further appreciation for the arts by offering hands-on experiences and access to fine art. To support their mission of easy access to fine art for everyone, the museum only charges $3 admission for non-members. This is a great, affordable way to spend an entire afternoon reveling in fine art. 

Step Back in Time at Wades Point Inn on the Bay 

Visiting these St. Michaels art galleries are among the best things to do in our area! Spend the day learning about our area’s culture and history through the arts, then come back to Wades Point Inn on the Bay. 

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