Bird on a salt marsh

Here’s What You Need to See at the Pickering Creek Audubon Center

Soaking up the natural beauty of the Eastern Shore is one of the most popular ways for visitors to become acquainted with our area. Water recreation is especially popular. It’s so easy to boat, fish, kayak, and more on the pristine waters of the Chesapeake Bay. However, a lesser-known, yet equally awe-inspiring way to explore the outdoors is wildlife and bird viewing! You can spy and identify several unique bird species right from our property! Or, visit the Pickering Creek Audubon Center. This Chesapeake Bay non-profit wildlife sanctuary boasts more than 400 acres of hardwood forests, wetlands, hiking trails, and wildlife.

Top 3 Ways to Explore at the Pickering Creek Audubon Center

Stroll Along Miles of Walking Trails

The Pickering Creek Audubon Center’s walking trails are the perfect way to absorb all the beauty this sanctuary has to offer. Every day, from dawn to dusk, the walking trails and viewing areas are open to the public for free exploration! Choose your own adventure with four miles of walking trails. Each and every trail presents its own natural beauty with hardwood forests, wetlands, bird viewing opportunities, and freshwater ponds. 

For those with inquisitive minds, be sure to plan your visit Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. During these times, an experienced member of the Pickering Creek staff are in the office to answer any questions you might have. 

Attend an Environmental Education Program

Part of the Pickering Creek Audubon Center’s mission is to enhance Tabolt County’s eco-literacy. This means helping residents of Maryland’s Eastern Shore understand their beautiful landscape and the wildlife that inhabits it. To accomplish this mission, the non-profit frequently hosts educational programs that blend fun with eco-literacy. 

These events and educational programs include everything from yoga at Pickering Creek to winery tasting at local vineyards. These events range in price and proceeds go to maintaining the treasured preserve. Likewise, the center also uses its resources to craft community programs in schools, nursing homes, and more to educate while also giving back!

Volunteer at Pickering Creek Audubon Center

There are a couple of ways to stay connected to the Pickering Creek Audubon Center and its mission after you return home from your getaway. One way is to garden plants native to your area right in your own yard! This matters because “Native plants play a very important role in providing the food birds and insects need to survive and thrive in a way that non-native plants do not.” This is a great way to improve your gardening skills and preserve your local ecosystem. 

You can also volunteer during your getaway! There’s no better way to immerse yourself in the community than by serving with its members. Browse through the upcoming volunteer opportunities and make sure you get all of the necessary paperwork submitted beforehand! The Tabolt County community thanks you!

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