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And we aren’t talking about Lucille Ball. We are talking about our lovely

little beagle named Lucy!


Miss Betsy (Proprietor of Wades Point Inn) found one-year-old Lucy

in a shelter. After several visits to the shelter, Miss Betsy decided to

bring Lucy home to Wades Point Inn. Lucy was caged beside a larger

dog who barked and carried on constantly and made Lucy very upset.

Miss Betsy wanted to take Lucy away from that and bring her home

to the peace and tranquility of Wades Point Inn.


Going from a 1 year old pup to a 12-13 year old mature dog has provided many stories of her adventures, mischeveious actions and

tender moments. Lucy would go on hunting adventures in the swamp.

Miss Betsy talks about how Lucy would be gone for hours and come

back muddy and wet—sure sign she was hunting in that swamp again.


A guest shared a story about when she was visiting and laid in the

hammock to catch a nap. When she went to sleep she had on two

flip-flops and when she woke up she had on one flip-flop. Thinking

it had just fallen off her foot while she was sleeping, she rolled over to

pick it up off the ground, but found no flip-flop. Little did she know that

while she was sleeping a sweet little beagle had walked past and took

that flip-flop and carried it off.   The guest found it several hours later

on the ground on the other side of the property.


If you are sitting alone relaxing or reading a good book, don’t be surprised if you look down and see Lucy lying there. It’s as if she doesn’t like seeing anyone sitting alone and she feels the need to

keep them company. She is probably hoping that soon you will break

out a snack or two and share with her if she is lucky! lol


Lucy has captured the hearts of all of the family and staff and continues

to play hostess to all of our guests. Lucy we love you!


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