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Get Away to “The Roost” at Our St. Michaels Inn

Just driving down the quiet country lane right into the arms of the most breath-expanding Chesapeake Bay panorama at our St. Michaels inn is our version of a spa experience. The stress of the world will melt away with the gently lapping waves, deer peacefully grazing along the drive and the sight of bald eagles scanning the waters for a snack.

We don’t have hot mineral springs bubbling up from the ground but we do have a charming outbuilding where you can leave behind some aches and pains with a skilled massage therapist.

This little outbuilding at our St. Michaels inn, guessed to be built around 1920, has for generations affectionately been called the Roost.

So let us know what you are looking for and we will make arrangements. The St  Michaels area has some very talented body and salon specialists